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I have a 1990 Jeep Cherokee XJ. Here's some information.

The goal is to have an enclosed 5-passenger vehicle that can tame the tough trails, but still retain on-road manners... a typical goal. We wanted a low cost-of-entry so that we would have plenty of money left for modifications. But we wanted it new enough so that we didn't inherit all the problems that come with any old machine. I bought a 1990 Jeep Cherokee XJ.

1990 Jeep Cherokee XJ, Laredo, Colorado Red, four door, 4.0L straight-6, AW4 Automatic Transmission
Originally: Command-Trac NP231J transfer case, Dana 30 front axle, Dana 35c rear axle, 3.55 gears
Currently: Klune-V 4:1 underdrive, NP231DHD transfer case w/ SYE, Dana 30 front axle w/ ARB locker, Dana 44 rear axle w/ Ox locker, 4.10/4.09 gears
Quick Specs

I'm a staff writer. Visit the Jeep Section and Project SkyMiles to see more of my Cherokee XJ. Visit the Jeep Forums to ask 4x4 questions.

Trail Shots

The new Goodyear Wrangler MT/R tires.

Pritchett Canyon, Moab 2002 Pritchett Canyon, Moab 2002 Pritchett Canyon, Moab 2002

Project History - Divided into groups, Phase I, Phase II, and Other Upgrades, each group listed in date order, newest at the top)

Phase II - Drivetrain and Rear Axle Upgrade

Phase I - Suspension, Lockers and Armor

Other Upgrades

Maintenance History

Height History: Table and Image

mug1sideright.jpg (79371 bytes)

I'm rebuilding my off-road trailer.

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Miscellaneous Information

Which tires: BFG MT or Goodyear MT?

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Please ask your questions on the 4x4Wire Jeep Forums so that everyone can benefit. If you insist, write me at berkeley at industryfigure dot com. Be warned that I might not respond. It's not that I don't care, or that your question isn't a good one...  they usually are. It's that I get about 300 e-mails per day and it's overwhelming just answering the ones for which I get paid. BTW, Jeeping is my hobby, not my paying job. :-)

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