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Tourist Delivery Program Car Order Form

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  DESTINATION CHARGE (if applicable)  
  GAS GUZZLER TAX (if applicable)  

Porsche Cars North America, Inc. ("PCNA"), hereby appoints Dr. Ing. h.c. F, Porsche AG ("PAG") as its agent to pay all necessary Value Added Taxes and to file all returns and to receive such refunds as are necessary and appropriate in connection with the sale of the vehicle described herein.

Frederick J. Schwab, President and Chief Executive Officer
Porsche Cars North America, Inc.

Dealer hereby appoints PAG as its agent to pay all necessary Value Added Taxes and to file such returns and to receive such refunds as are necessary and appropriate in connection with the sale of the vehicle described herein.


Dealer's Signature------------------------------------------------- Date-----------------

This car described herein ("Vehicle") should be delivered under the provisions of the Tourist Delivery Program only to the following customer:

Last Name:
First Name:
Permanent Address:

Mailing Address:

Date of Birth:
City/State/of birth:
Passport #:
PP issue date:
PP issued at:
PP issued by:
Home Phone #:
Office Phone #:
Soc. Sec. #:

Insurance Needs
Advance Notice: Length of Collision Insurance

-------------------- Weeks --------------------Months
Any additional insurance coverage beyond that provided by this program must be noted on this form and is payable in cash at the time the vehicle is delivered.

I need vehicle registration for:
-------------------- Weeks --------------------Months
as I do not intend to driver the vehicle in Europe for a longer period of time, I am aware that my vehicle registration is subject to liability insurance with an underwriter in Germany and is limited to the length of such coverage. I have further been advised that under the laws of most European countries a car without the aforementioned insurance coverage hay be confiscated. I herewith further confirm that I do not intend to take permanent residence in Germany. I represent that I am aware of all the terms and conditions stated in this order.

I hereby order from Porsche Cars North America, Inc., the described vehicle under the terms and conditions stated in this order. No other statements are binding.


Customer's Signature------------------------------------------------- Date-----------------


(name of customer)
hereby appoints: --------- SCHENKER INTERNATIONAL ----
as a true and lawful agent attorney of the principal named above with full power and authority to do and perform every lawful act and thing the said agent and attorney may deem requisite and necessary to be done for and on behalf of the said principal for purposes of importing the vehicle without limitation of any kind as fully as said principal could do if present and acting, and hereby ratify and confirm all that said agent and attorney shall lawfully do or cause to be done by virtue of these presents until revocation in writing is given, or a period of two years, which ever comes first.


Customer's Signature------------------------------------------------- Date-----------------

Requested Date of Delivery in Stuttgart: --------------------------------

Reference No.: --------------------------------------------------------

Production No.: -------------------------------------------------------

Commission No.: ------------------------------------------------------

TOUR GROUP NAME/CODE (if applicable) ------------------------


Dealer No.: -----------------------------------------------------------

Dealer Name: ---------------------------------------------------------

[ ] YES
[ ] NO

if no; Receiving Dealer Number ---------------------------------------


I understand that my Porsche, as delivered, is equipped with an emission control system using a catalyst and an oxygen sensor. I agree to use ONLY UNLEADED GASOLINE when refueling during my travels abroad. I will use the "Eurosuper" quality with 95 RON when available.

I acknowledge and agree that, pursuant to United States regulations and the Porsche Catalyst Import Program, I must prepare a fuel availability questionnaire (Questionnaire) notifying PCNA of the availability of unleaded fuel in Europe and that PCNA will perform a test to detect whether the vehicle was misfueled. If this test detects lead, I authorize PCNA to exchange the catalyst and the oxygen sensor at my expense. If PCNA detects tampering to the unleaded fuel restrictor, I agree to allow it to be replaced along with the catalyst and oxygen sensor at my expense.

I have been informed that the repair (including parts) required to bring the vehicle into conformity under these circumstances will be AT MY SOLE EXPENSE, that this could cost more than $2,000 and I AGREE TO PAY THIS IN ADVANCE of the work being performed. I hereby authorize such work to be done prior to the shipment of the vehicle to the United States. I hereby agree that PCNA may refuse to ship the vehicle to the United States until the repairs are performed and paid for and also authorize PCNA to withhold delivery of the vehicle until I prepare and deliver to PCNA a Questionnaire. I agree to pay for all storage charges, insurance costs, liability for damages and all other costs arising out of the need for the vehicle to be stored prior to payment for the repairs or delivery of the Questionnaire.

PCNA reserves the right to amend or discontinue its Catalyst Import Program.


Customer's Signature------------------------------------------------- Date-----------------

Original Customer Signatures Required on Last Page of This Form.

Porsche Cars North America, Inc.
Sales Conditions

1. Offer and Acceptance - This Order shall constitute an irrevocable offer by the Purchaser for the purchase of the vehicle described herein (Vehicle). This offer shall be irrevocable until the earlier of the confirmation of the Order by PCNA or until one (1) year form the date of this Order. This Order shall not constitute a Sales Contract until it is confirmed by PCNA.

(A) Confirmation by PCNA shall be made in writing in the form of an Order Confirmation for Delivery in Europe and Receipt (Confirmation) which shall be mailed to the Selling Dealer.

(B) If there is a conflict between the terms of this Order and the Confirmation, the terms in the Confirmation shall govern unless the Purchaser notifies PCNA in writing within fifteen (15) days after receipt by him/her of the Confirmation.

2. Prices - This order and the prices stated herein are subject to confirmation by PCNA. Order and actual prices will be confirmed by PCNA by mailing an invoice to the Selling Dealer not later than 35 days before the delivery date. Payment becomes due in full not later that 30 days before the delivery date. The Confirmation shall be mailed upon receipt of full payment. The Confirmation shall confirm the delivery date.

3. Acceptance and Delivery

(A) Purchaser shall be entitled to examine the vehicle to be delivered and acceptance of the vehicle at the place of delivery shall constitute acknowledgment that the vehicle has been received in good physical and mechanical condition and that any variations from the specifications or design of the vehicle specified in this Order are waived.

(B) Acceptance of the Vehicle must be made within one week after the date of delivery stated in the Confirmation.

(C) Delivery is at the supplying factory of the manufacturer in Germany.

4. The Vehicle and special equipment specified in this Order are warrented by PCNA only in accordance with and only to the extent of the terms of its New Vehicle Warranty applicable to such Vehicle, a copy of which is available from your dealer or PCNA.

5. Cancellation

(A) Failure by Purchaser to make payment in full in accordance with the Confirmation within the time specified, or failure to accept delivery within seven (7) days after the delivery date specified in the Confirmation shall entitle PCNA to cancel this order, to divert the Vehicle to another order, and to deduct from the sum to be repaid to the Purchaser a cancellation fee of 1% of the Tourist Delivery price.

(B) If the Purchaser cancels the Order for any reason, a cancellation fee of 1% of the Tourist Delivery price will be deducted from the sum to be repaid to the Purchaser.

6. Design Changes - In the event the Vehicle is discontinued in production, or materially altered with respect to the design between the date of the Confirmation and the date of delivery, the Purchaser may terminate this Order and obtain a full refund without interest of the amounts paid by the Purchaser.

7. PCNA is not responsible for delays in delivery caused by conditions beyond its control or for any collateral expenses incurred by customer by reason thereof.

8. If Purchaser fails to export the Vehicle within six (6) months from the date of delivery Purchaser shall be liable to PCNA for the full amount of German Value Added Tax due on the sale of vehicle.

9. General Provisions

(A) This Order may not be assigned by the Purchaser.

(B) This Order, together with the Confirmation, constitutes the entire contract controlling the purchase and sale and contains all agreements between the parties.

(C) Except as set forth in Section 1(B), this Order can be modified only in writing signed by PCNA and Purchaser.

(D) This agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of Nevada.

10. By signing this Order, the customer grants to PCNA and/or PAG and its agents and employees full power of attorney to register the vehicle for use in Europe on behalf of the Purchaser.

11. Purchaser agrees to assume full responsibility for obtaining all necessary and appropriate insurances and to make all claims under such insurances. Neither PCNA nor PAG are agents of the Insurer. Neither PCNA nor PAG make any representation or warrant the scope of insurance coverage or assume any responsibility for making any claims under the insurance policies.

12. Subject to the provisions set forth herein, the price in the Confirmation contains the total price for the Vehicle including return shipment from Stuttgart to the Pre-Delivery Inspection Center in Charleston and five days port storage fees. Free return shipment and up to five days port storage fees shall apply only if Purchaser does not modify the vehicle in any respect. Inland destination charges apply if delivery to the ordering dealer location is requested.

In the event Purchaser elects not have PCNA ship vehicle in accordance with the terms of the Tourist Delivery program, neither PCNA nor PAG shall nave any further liability to Purchaser of any other person for damages arising out of the transportation and shipment of the vehicle to the U.S., or the receipt of the vehicle in the U.S., or the entry of the vehicle in to the U.S. customs territory.

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