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Porsche Cars North America, Inc.
U.S. Order Guide
May 22, 1998

1999 Boxster
MSRP: $41,000

Option Descriptions Required
274 Vanity Mirrors, Illuminated     $145
288 Headlight Washers     $225
396 17" Wheels Boxster Design 7J X 17 with 205/50ZR front and 8.5Jx17 with 255/40 rear (cannot be ordered with P63, P64, P65, or P84, P85, P86)   XRA P38 P63 P64 P84 P85 XRB 413 XRH $1,479
421 Cassette Shelf Center Console   424 688 $40
424 CD Shelf Center Console   421 $40
446 Wheel caps with colored Porsche crest (4) 18" Wheels only (May be ordered with 17" Wheels on Boxster)     $170
454 Cruise Control (cannot be ordered with P63 P64 P65 or P84 P85 P86)     $561
490 Hi-Fi Sound System -
*996 - 10 Speakers including 2 bass reflex boxes, and Amplifier (6 channel, 6x35 watt)
*Boxster - 6 Speakers including 2 bass reflex boxes, and Amplifier (4 channel, 2x20 watt / 2x35 watt)
  P49 $602
498 Delete Model Designation     N/C
513 Lumbar support, passenger's side, adjustable P15   $375
535 Remote Control Alarm System (cannot be ordered with P63 P64 P65 or P84 P85 P86)     $612
540 Manual Height Adj. Right Side P15   $145
550 Hard Top in color of car body only including Heatable rear Window     $2,295
551 Porsche Windstop (Deflector) (cannot be ordered with P63 P64 P65 or P84 P85 P86)     $367
571 Active Carbon Filter, Interior     $460
580 Non Smoker package. Storage compartment replaces Ash tray, Removable plug over cigarette lighter     N/C
586 Lumbar Support, driver's side P15   $375
635 Parking Assist System is activated whenever the reverse gear is engaged, an acoustical signal will be heard in intervals whenever the vehicle backs up and approaches an object that is closer that 150cm (5 feet) at at distance of 30cm (1 foot) the tone is continuous     $520
659 On Board Computer (On Boxster not with P64 P65 P85 P86)     $449
662 PCM (Information/Navigation System) Cassette Radio, GPS Navigation System With Separate CD-Rom Drive, on-Board Computer and Climate Control Indicator (Not Available in Canada)   C36 $3,540
688 AM/FM Radio with CD Player     $315
692 Remote CD Changer 6 compact discs (cannot be ordered with Boxster Options P64 P65 P85 P86)     $831
982 Soft look leather seats in interior color (requires Full Leather Seats)     $355
M6A Black Floor Mat with Boxster Red Logo     $92
M6F Metropol Blue Floor Mat     $92
M6J Nephrite Green Floor Mat with Black Logo     $92
M6M Boxster Red Floor Mat with Black Logo     $92
M6P Graphite Grey Floor Mat with Black Logo     $92
M6S Savanna Beige Floor Mat with Black Logo     $92
P14 Heated Front Seats Package     $400
P15 Seats with electrical height length and backrest adjustment, Left and Right, Memory function driver's side     $1,520
P37 Traction Control with ABD (active brake differential) With on/off switch   P38 $870
P38 Technic Sport package: More rigidly tuned springs, shock absorbers and stabilizer bars, Wheels are 7J/8J X 17 (396) includes P37   P37 396 XRA XRB P63 P64 P84 P85 XRH 413 $1,940
P49 Digital Sound processing including Sound package 490 (On Boxster only Storage shelf on engine lid)     $1,175
P63 Sport Package: 396 17" Wheels/Tires, 551 Wind stop, 490 Sound system, 454 Cruise control, 535 Alarm system, and 688 CD player in dash   P64 XRA XRB P38 P84 P85 P49 XRH 413 $3,295
P64 Sport Touring Package: 396-17" Wheels/Tires, 551-Wind stop, 490-Sound system, 454-Cruise control, 535-Alarm system, 692-CD changer replaces CD in dash, 659-On Board Computer, X71-Instruments in aluminum, XMY-Rollbar silver, Y06-Gear Shift/Brakehandle combination leather interior color and aluminum, X70-Aluminum sillplate Boxster logo and XLA-Exhaust Pipe chrome   P63 P38 XRA XRB P84 P85 P49 XRH 413 $6,791
P69 Sport Design Package:
Black leather: Shift Lever Knob, Airbag Cover, Roll Bar Trim, Cover of Center Console, Upper Part of Instrument Cover.
Textured Black Leatherette: Side Pads of Center Console Front, Dashboard, Door Panels, Side Panels of Center Console.
Painted "Metal Grey": Bottom of Instrument Bridge, Instrument Rims, Switch Plates, Seat Buckets, Switch Plates on Seats, Outer Seat Fittings, Center Console, Handbrake Cover, Handbrake Lever, Ashtray Cover Plate and Lid, Door Handle Tube Left and Right, Panel in Front of Door Lever, Storage Compartment Lid, Roll Bar, Gear Shift Knob Insert (in case of Tiptronic: Release Knob)
3-spoke Leather Steering Wheel, Black, with Airbag Requires Interior 'AZ'
AZ 982 P15 P63
P64 P84 P85
P84 Sport Package same as P63 except XRA-Sport Classic Wheels   396 P38 P69 P63 P64 P85 XRB XRH 413 P49 $4,570
P85 Sport Touring Pkg same as P64 except XRA-Sport Classic Wheels   P64 P63 396 P38 P69 P84 XRB XRH 413 P49 $8,066
TD4 Tourist Delivery     $1,150
VA3 Preparation/modification (Tourist Delivery vehicles only)     N/C
X26 Steering wheel all leather, including airbag cover (leather in interior color)   XNE X77 XNT $1,278
X68 Tonneau Cover in color of Roof     $1,262
X69 Door sills in Carbon embossed with model insignia   P64 P85 X70 $847
X70 Door sills in stainless steel embossed with model insignia   X69 $415
X71 Aluminum painted instrument dials with brushed chrome inner rings     $664
X77 Airbag Steering wheel combination of carbon and interior color leather   XNE X26 XNT $1,643
X89 Ornamental rim caps with Porsche crest on painted rims (requires XD9 option) XD9   $292
XAA Aerokit, Front and Rear Spoiler and Rocker Panel covers Left and Right     $6,225
XAB Speedster Rear Color of Car     $1,461
XD9 Painted Rims (4) -Exterior Color X89   $1,336
XE3 Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror     $564
XLA Exhaust pipe, Boxster optics, larger cross section, chrome oval pipe in the middle (cannot be ordered with P64 P65 P85 P86)     $407
XMK Painted Roll Bar exterior color   XMY $515
XMT Gear Shift knob and Handbrake grip in real wood/leather (requires color)   P64 P85 Y03 Y06 XMU $830
XMU Gear Shift knob and Handbrake grip in real wood/Aluminum and leather (requires color)   P64 P85 Y03 Y06 XMT $830
XMY Roll Bar Painted Silver (cannot be ordered with P64 P65 P85 P86)   XMK $515
XNE Airbag Steering wheel combination real wood/Aluminum rivets and leather   X26 X77 XNT $1,643
XNG Instrument Housing/Upper Panel - Leather     $291
XNJ Leather Speaker Covers - Interior Color     $440
XNN Leather Mid Air Vents, Heat Control     $415
XNT Airbag Steering wheel combination of real wood/Leather (interior color)   X26 X77 XNE $1,643
XRA 17" Sport Classic Wheels/Tires (On Boxster only cannot be ordered with P63 P64 P65)   P63 P64 396 P38 XRB XRH 413 $2,490
XRB 18" Sport Classic Wheels/Tires   396 P63 P64 P84 P85 XRA XRH 413 $4,084
XRH 17" Dyno Wheels   396 413 XRA XRB $2,334
XX2 Footwell Lighting     $730
Y03 Gear Shift knob and Handbrake grip in Carbon and leather (requires color)   XMT XMU Y06
P64 P84 P85
Y06 Gear Shift knob and brakehandle in Combination of Leather (interior color) and Aluminum   XMT XMU Y03 $830
TT3 Tiptronic ...tiptronic dash     $3,213

* Prices are subject to change without notice.

Porsche Cars North America, Inc.
U.S. Order Guide
May 22, 1998

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